Authors: Montes de Oca-Estevez, Maria Judit; Prosmiti, Rita


Publication date: 2021/05/11

DOI: 10.3389/fchem.2021.664693

Abstract: Theoretical-computational studies together with recent astronomical observations have shown that under extreme conditions in the interstellar medium (ISM), complexes of noble gases may be formed. Such observations have generated a wide range of possibilities. In order to identify new species containing such atoms, the present study gathers spectroscopic data for noble gas hydride cations, NgH(+) (Ng = He, Ne, Ar) from high-level ab initio quantum chemistry computations, aiming to contribute in understanding the chemical bonding and electron sharing in these systems. The interaction potentials are obtained from CCSD(T)/CBS and MRCI+Q calculations using large basis sets, and then employed to compute vibrational levels and molecular spectroscopic constants for all known stable isotopologues of ground state NgH(+) cations. Comparisons with previously reported values available are discussed, indicating that the present data could serve as a benchmark for future studies on these systems and on higher-order cationic noble gas hydrides of astrophysical interest.