Authors: Le Jeannic, Hanna; Tiranov, Alexey; Carolan, Jacques; Ramos, Tomas; Wang, Ying; Appel, Martin Hayhurst; Scholz, Sven; Wieck, Andreas D.; Ludwig, Arne; Rotenberg, Nir; Midolo, Leonardo; Garcia-Ripoll, Juan Jose; Sorensen, Anders S.; Lodahl, Peter


Publication date: 2022/10/01

DOI: 10.1038/s41567-022-01720-x

Abstract: Single photons role in the development of quantum science and technology. They can carry quantum information over extended distances to act as the backbone of a future quantum Internet(1) and can be manipulated in advanced photonic circuits, enabling scalable photonic quantum computing(2,3). However, more sophisticated devices and protocols need access to multi-photon states with particular forms of entanglement. Efficient light-matter interfaces offer a route to reliably generating these entangled resource states(4,5). Here we utilize the efficient and coherent coupling of a single quantum emitter to a nanophotonic waveguide to realize a quantum nonlinear interaction between single-photon wavepackets. We demonstrate the control of a photon using a second photon mediated by the quantum emitter. The dynamical response of the two-photon interaction is experimentally unravelled and reveals quantum correlations controlled by the pulse duration. Further development of this platform work, which constitutes a new research frontier in quantum optics(6), will enable the tailoring of complex photonic quantum resource states.