Authors: Valido, Antonio A.; Jose Garcia-Ripoll, Juan


Publication date: 2021/03/24

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.103.032613

Abstract: In this paper we study the phase sensitivity of generic linear interferometric schemes using Gaussian resources and measurements. Our formalism is based on the Fisher information. This allows us to separate the contributions of the measurement scheme, the experimental imperfections, and auxiliary systems. We demonstrate the strength of this formalism using a broad class of multimode Gaussian states that includes well-known results from single- and two-mode metrology scenarios. Using this, we prove that input coherent states or squeezing improve upon the nonclassical states proposed in preceding boson-sampling-inspired phase-estimation schemes. We also develop a polychromatic interferometric protocol, demonstrating an enhanced sensitivity with respect to two-mode squeezed-vacuum states, for which the ideal homodyne detection is formally shown to be optimal.