The Instituto de Física Fundamental (IFF) is an Institute of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) whose main objective is to promote, at the highest level, the development of basic and basic-oriented research in the frame of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics and related fields. Our Institute aims to maintain a leadership position in the following research lines:

Medical Physics. Radiation damage

Molecular Astrophysics

Molecular Quantum Processes: theory and simulations

Nanostructures and Complex Molecular Physics

Quantum Information and Quantum Technologies

The character of these studies involves both the development of mathematical models and computational simulations as well as experiments and astronomical observations.

These research lines allow us to offer very appealing projects for the training of postgraduates.
In addition, they connect to topics of interest to a varied audience who regularly attend to popular science lectures given by our researchers.


The IFF is located at the CSIC Central Campus, in downtown Madrid, being part of the Center of Physics “Miguel Antonio Catalán” (CFMAC) together with the Institute of Optics and the Institute of Matter Structure. The place is an attractive and dynamical environment for the organization of academic seminars, meetings and outreach events as well. The complex is very easy to reach by means of sustainable public transport systems.