The Institute of Fundamental Physics (IFF)
is a research centre of the
Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
Article Formation of the Methyl Cation by

Photochemistry in a Protoplanetary Disk
O. Berné, M. -A. Martin-Drumel, I. Schroetter,

J. R. Goicoechea et al. (J. Cernicharo, S. Cuadrado)
Nature (June 2023) ESA Press Release
Article Observation of Multiple Ordered Solvation

Shells in Doped Helium Droplets: The case of

E. Zunzunegui-Bru et al. (M. Bartolomei, M. I. Hernández,

J. Campos-Martínez, T. González-Lezana)
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (March 2023)
Atmospheric molecular blobs shape up

circumstellar envelopes of AGB stars
Luis Velilla-Prieto (IFF), P. Fonfría, M. Agúndez, A. Castro-

Carrizo, M. Guélin, G. Quintana-Lacaci, I. Cherchneff,

C. Joblin, M. C. McCarthy, J. A. Martín-Gago, J. Cernicharo
Nature (May 2023) CSIC Press Release Article
Article Carbon vacancy-assisted stabilization

of individual Cu5 clusters on graphene.

Insights from ab initio molecular dynamics
L. L. Carroll, L. V. Moskaleva, M. P. de Lara-Castells Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (May 2023)
Confining CO2 inside sI clathrate-

hydrates: The impact of the CO2–water

interaction on quantized dynamics
A. Valdés, A. Cabrera-Ramírez, R. Prosmiti Journal of Computational Chemistry (April 2023) Article
Article Quantum Approximate Optimization

Pseudo-Boltzmann States
Pablo Díez-Valle, D. Porras, J. J. García-Ripoll Physical Review Letters (February 2023)
The stochastic wave function method

for diffusion of alkali atoms on metallic

E. E. Torres-Miyares, D. J. Ward, G. Rojas-Lorenzo,

J. Rubayo-Soneira, W. Allison, S. Miret-Artés
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

(February 2023)


The Instituto de Física Fundamental (IFF) is an Institute of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) whose main objective is to promote, at the highest level, the development of basic and basic-oriented research in the frame of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics and related fields.

El Instituto de Física Fundamental (IFF) es un Instituto del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) cuyo principal objetivo es el progreso al más alto nivel de la investigación básica y básica-orientada en el marco general de la Física Atómica, Molecular y Óptica, y campos afines.

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Research Groups

Nuestra investigación abarca temas básicos y otros más orientados que van desde problemas fundamentales y aplicaciones de la Física Cuántica hasta estudios sobre procesos atómicos y moleculares de importancia en Astrofísica, Ciencias de Materiales y Biomedicina.

Our research encompasses both basic and basic-oriented topics ranging from foundations and applications of Quantum Physics to key studies of atomic and molecular processes in Astrophysics, Material Sciences and Biomedicine.


The conformational behavior of N-ethylformamide as observed by rotational spectroscopy and quantum chemistry

Authors: Cabezas, Carlos; Kawashima, Yoshiyuki; Bermudez, Celina; Usami, Tsuyoshi; Hirota, Eizi; Cernicharo, Jose


Publication date: 2023/04/15

DOI: 10.1016/j.saa.2023.122353

Abstract: A peptide linkage -(C–O)NH- containing molecule, N-ethylformamide, was investigated […]

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