Intrinsic folding of the cysteine residue: competition between folded and extended forms mediated by the -SH group

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Authors: Goldsztejn, Gildas; Mundlapati, Venkateswara Rao; Brenner, Valerie; Gloaguen, Eric; Mons, Michel; Cabezas, Carlos; Leon, Iker; Luis Alonso, Jose Contribution: Article Journal: PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS Publication date: 2020/09/28 DOI: 10.1039/d0cp03136d Abstract: A dual microwave and optical spectroscopic study of a capped cysteine amino acid isolated in a supersonic expansion, combined with quantum chemistry modelling, enabled [...]

Gas-phase kinetics of CH3CHO with OH radicals between 11.7 and 177.5 K

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Authors: Blazquez, Sergio; Gonzalez, Daniel; Neeman, Elias M.; Ballesteros, Bernabe; Agundez, Marcelino; Canosa, Andre; Albaladejo, Jose; Cernicharo, Jose; Jimenez, Elena Contribution: Article Journal: PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS Publication date: 2020/09/28 DOI: 10.1039/d0cp03203d Abstract: Gas-phase reactions in the interstellar medium (ISM) are a source of molecules in this environment. The knowledge of the rate coefficient for neutral-neutral [...]

Interstellar nitrile anions: Detection of C3N- and C5N- in TMC-1

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Authors: Cernicharo, J.; Marcelino, N.; Pardo, J. R.; Agundez, M.; Tercero, B.; de Vicente, P.; Cabezas, C.; Bermudez, C. Contribution: Article Journal: ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS Publication date: 2020/09/23 DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/202039231 Abstract: We report on the first detection of C3N and C5N towards the cold dark core TMC-1 in the Taurus region, using the Yebes 40m telescope. [...]

The abundance of S- and Si-bearing molecules in O-rich circumstellar envelopes of AGB stars

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Authors: Massalkhi, S.; Agundez, M.; Cernicharo, J.; Velilla-Prieto, L. Contribution: Article Journal: ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS Publication date: 2020/09/09 DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/202037900 Abstract: Aims. We aim to determine the abundances of SiO, CS, SiS, SO, and SO2 in a large sample of oxygen-rich asymptotic giant branch (AGB) envelopes covering a wide range of mass loss rates to investigate [...]

Entangling Superconducting Qubits through an Analogue Wormhole

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Authors: Sabin, Carlos Contribution: Article Journal: UNIVERSE Publication date: 2020/09/09 DOI: 10.3390/universe6090149 Abstract: We propose an experimental setup to test the effect of curved spacetime upon the extraction of entanglement from the quantum field vacuum to a pair of two-level systems. We consider two superconducting qubits coupled to a dc-SQUID array embedded into an open microwave [...]

Lorentzian Symmetric Spaces Which are Einstein-Yang-Mills with Respect to Invariant Metric Connections

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Authors: Castrillon Lopez, Marco; Gadea, P. M.; Rosado Maria, Maria Eugenia Contribution: Article Journal: RESULTS IN MATHEMATICS Publication date: 2020/09/05 DOI: 10.1007/s00025-020-01259-4 Abstract: We classify four-dimensional connected simply-connected Lorentzian symmetric spaces M with connected nontrivial isotropy group furnishing solutions of the Einstein-Yang-Mills equations. Those solutions are built with respect to some invariant metric connection. in the [...]

Single-atom heat engine as a sensitive thermal probe

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Authors: Levy, Amikam; Goeb, Moritz; Deng, Bo; Singer, Kilian; Torrontegui, E.; Wang, Daqing Contribution: Article Journal: NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS Publication date: 2020/09/01 DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/abad7f Abstract: We propose employing a quantum heat engine as a sensitive probe for thermal baths. In particular, we study a single-atom Otto engine operating in an open thermodynamic cycle. Owing to [...]

A Complete Cross Section Data Set for Electron Scattering by Pyridine: Modelling Electron Transport in the Energy Range 0-100 eV

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Authors: Costa, Filipe; Traore-Dubuis, Ali; Alvarez, Lidia; Lozano, Ana, I; Ren, Xueguang; Dorn, Alexander; Limao-Vieira, Paulo; Blanco, Francisco; Oller, Juan C.; Munoz, Antonio; Garcia-Abenza, Adrian; Gorfinkiel, Jimena D.; Barbosa, Alessandra S.; Bettega, Marcio H. F.; Stokes, Peter; White, Ronald D.; Jones, Darryl B.; Brunger, Michael J.; Garcia, Gustavo Contribution: Article Journal: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES [...]

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