Directional spontaneous emission in photonic crystal slabs

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Authors: Navarro-Baron, Erik P.; Vinck-Posada, Herbert; Gonzalez-Tudela, Alejandro Journal: NANOPHOTONICS Publication date: 2024/02/25 DOI: 10.1515/nanoph-2023-0843 Abstract: Spontaneous emission is one of the most fundamental out-of-equilibrium processes in which an excited quantum emitter relaxes to the ground state due to quantum fluctuations. In this process, a photon is emitted that can interact with other nearby emitters [...]

El IFF y el JWST, de la mano, en un estudio sobre el ciclo del vapor de agua en sistemas protoplanetarios

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Nuestros compañeros Javier R. Goicoechea y Alexandre Zanchet, del Departamento de Astrofísica Molecular del IFF, han participado de manera relevante en un estudio, publicado en la revista Nature Astronomy, que arroja luz sobre la destrucción y nueva formación de grandes cantidades de vapor de agua en un sistema protoplanetario localizado en el corazón de la [...]

OH as a probe of the warm-water cycle in planet-forming disks

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Authors: Zannese, Marion; Tabone, Benoit; Habart, Emilie; Goicoechea, Javier R.; Zanchet, Alexandre; van Dishoeck, Ewine F.; van Hemert, Marc C.; Black, John H.; Tielens, Alexander G. G. M.; Veselinova, A.; Jambrina, P. G.; Menendez, M.; Verdasco, E.; Aoiz, F. J.; Gonzalez-Sanchez, L.; Trahin, Boris; Dartois, Emmanuel; Berne, Olivier; Peeters, Els; He, Jinhua; Sidhu, Ameek; Chown, [...]

A kernel-based machine learning potential and quantum vibrational state analysis of the cationic Ar hydride (Ar2H+)

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Authors: Montes de Oca-Estevez, Maria Judit; Valdes, Alvaro; Prosmiti, Rita Journal: PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS Publication date: 2024/02/22 DOI: 10.1039/d3cp05865d Abstract: One of the most fascinating discoveries in recent years, in the cold and low pressure regions of the universe, was the detection of ArH+ and HeH+ species. The identification of such noble gas-containing molecules [...]

Dynamical effects on the O(3P) + D2 reaction and its impact on the ?-doublet population

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Authors: Veselinova, A.; Menendez, M.; Gonzalez-Sanchez, L.; Zanchet, A.; Aoiz, F. J.; Jambrina, P. G. Journal: PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS Publication date: 2024/02/22 DOI: 10.1039/d3cp05510h Abstract: The O(P-3) + D-2 -> OD((2)Pi) + D reaction presents the peculiarity of taking place on two different potential energy surfaces (PESs) of different symmetry, (3)A ' and (3)A [...]

Photodissociation of the CH2Br radical: A theoretical study

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Authors: Charfeddine, F.; Zanchet, A.; Yazidi, O.; Cuevas, C. A.; Saiz-Lopez, A.; Banares, L.; Garcia-Vela, A. Journal: JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS Publication date: 2024/02/21 DOI: 10.1063/5.0187546 Abstract: Bromine atom (Br) reactions lead to ozone depletion in the troposphere and stratosphere. Photodegradation of bromocarbons is one of the main sources of bromine atoms in the atmosphere. [...]

Indene energetic processing in ice mantles in the interstellar medium

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Authors: Mate, Belen; Tanarro, Isabel; Pelaez, Ramon J.; Cernicharo, Jose; Herrero, Victor J. Journal: ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS Publication date: 2024/02/16 DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/202347889 Abstract: Context. Indene, a small PAH, has been detected in the gas phase in the cold dense cloud TMC-1. Due to the low temperature in the cloud, below indene condensation temperature, its presence [...]

Study of the HCCNC and HNCCC isotopologs in TMC-1

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Authors: Cernicharo, J.; Tercero, B.; Cabezas, C.; Agundez, M.; Roue, E.; Fuentetaja, R.; Marcelino, N.; de Vicente, P. Journal: ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS Publication date: 2024/02/09 DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/202348822 Abstract: We present the detection of the three C-13 isotopologs of HCCNC and HNCCC toward TMC-1 using the QUIJOTE line survey. In addition, the D species has also [...]

Doubly substituted isotopologues of HCCCN in TMC-1: Detection of D13CCCN, DC13CCN, DCC13CN, DCCC15N, H13C13CCN, H13CC13CN, HC13C13CN, HCC13C15N, and HC13CC15N

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Authors: Tercero, B.; Marcelino, N.; Roue, E.; Agundez, M.; Cabezas, C.; Fuentetaja, R.; de Vicente, P.; Cernicharo, J. Journal: ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS Publication date: 2024/02/09 DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/202348929 Abstract: We report the first detection in space of a complete sample of nine doubly substituted isotopologues of HCCCN towards the cyanopolyyne peak of TMC-1 using observations of [...]

Minimal orthonormal bases for pure quantum state estimation

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Authors: Zambrano, Leonardo; Pereira, Luciano; Delgado, Aldo Journal: QUANTUM Publication date: 2024/02/08 DOI: Abstract: We present an analytical method to estimate pure quantum states using a minimum of three measurement bases in any finite -dimensional Hilbert space. This is optimal as two bases are insufficient to construct an informationally complete positive operator -valued measurement (ICPOVM) [...]

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