Peer-reviewed publications by IFF-CSIC researchers in 2023

Cooling microwave fields into general multimode Gaussian states

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Authors: Yazdi, Nahid; Garcia-Ripoll, Juan Jose; Porras, Diego; Navarrete-Benlloch, Carlos Journal: NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS Publication date: 2023/08/01 DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/acf0e2 Abstract: We show that a collection of lossy multichromatic modulated qubits can be used to dissipatively engineer arbitrary Gaussian states of a set of bosonic modes. Our ideas are especially suited to superconducting-circuit architectures, where [...]

Computational molecular dynamics simulations of cationic alkali dimers solvated in He clusters: the Li2+ case

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Authors: Yanes-Rodriguez, Raquel; Rodriguez-Segundo, Raul; Villarreal, Pablo; Prosmiti, Rita Journal: EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL D Publication date: 2023/06/01 DOI: 10.1140/epjd/s10053-023-00691-9 Abstract: The structures and energetics of Li-2(+) -doped He clusters have been determined by means of evolutionary programming optimizations and classical molecular dynamics simulations. The underlying interactions in the HeNLi+ 2 complexes are described by sum-of-potentials [...]

Confining He Atoms in Diverse Ice-Phases: Examining the Stability of He Hydrate Crystals through DFT Approaches

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Authors: Yanes-Rodriguez, Raquel; Prosmiti, Rita Journal: MOLECULES Publication date: 2023/12/01 DOI: 10.3390/molecules28237893 Abstract: In the realm of solid water hydrostructures, helium atoms have a tendency to occupy the interstitial spaces formed within the crystal lattice of ice structures. The primary objective of this study is to examine the stability of various ice crystals when influenced [...]

Computational investigations of stable multiple-cage-occupancy He clathrate-like hydrostructures

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Authors: Yanes-Rodriguez, Raquel; Prosmiti, Rita Journal: PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS Publication date: 2023/06/28 DOI: 10.1039/d3cp00603d Abstract: One of the several possibilities offered by the interesting clathrate hydrates is the opportunity to encapsulate several atoms or molecules, in such a way that more efficient storage materials could be explored or new molecules that otherwise do not [...]

Topological multimode waveguide QED

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Authors: Vega, C.; Porras, D.; Gonzalez-Tudela, A. Journal: PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH Publication date: 2023/04/17 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevResearch.5.023031 Abstract: Topological insulators feature a number of topologically protected boundary modes linked to the value of their bulk invariant. While in one-dimensional systems the boundary modes are zero dimensional and localized, in two-dimensional topological insulators the boundary modes are [...]

Atmospheric molecular blobs shape up circumstellar envelopes of AGB stars

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Authors: Velilla-Prieto, L.; Fonfria, J. P.; Agundez, M.; Castro-Carrizo, A.; Guelin, M.; Quintana-Lacaci, G.; Cherchneff, I.; Joblin, C.; McCarthy, M. C.; Martin-Gago, J. A.; Cernicharo, J. Journal: NATURE Publication date: 2023/05/25 DOI: 10.1038/s41586-023-05917-9 Abstract: During their thermally pulsing phase, asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars eject material that forms extended dusty envelopes(1). Visible polarimetric imaging found [...]

Confining CO2 inside sI clathrate-hydrates: The impact of the CO2-water interaction on quantized dynamics

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Authors: Valdes, Alvaro; Cabrera-Ramirez, Adriana; Prosmiti, Rita Journal: JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY Publication date: 2023/06/30 DOI: 10.1002/jcc.27110 Abstract: We report new results on the translational-rotational (T-R) states of the CO2 molecule inside the sI clathrate-hydrate cages. We adopted the multiconfiguration time-dependent Hartree methodology to solve the nuclear molecular Hamiltonian, and to address issues on the [...]

Identifying Physical Structures in Our Galaxy with Gaussian Mixture Models: An Unsupervised Machine Learning Technique

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Authors: Tiwari, M.; Kievit, R.; Kabanovic, S.; Bonne, L.; Falasca, F.; Guevara, C.; Higgins, R.; Justen, M.; Karim, R.; Kavak, U.; Pabst, C.; Pound, M. W.; Schneider, N.; Simon, R.; Stutzki, J.; Wolfire, M.; Tielens, A. G. G. M. Journal: ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Publication date: 2023/12/01 DOI: 10.3847/1538-4357/ad003c Abstract: We explore the potential of the Gaussian [...]

The stochastic wave function method for diffusion of alkali atoms on metallic surfaces

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Authors: Torres-Miyares, E. E.; Ward, D. J.; Rojas-Lorenzo, G.; Rubayo-Soneira, J.; Allison, W.; Miret-Artes, S. Journal: PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS Publication date: 2023/02/22 DOI: 10.1039/d2cp05511b Abstract: The stochastic wave function method is proposed to study the diffusion regimes of alkali atoms on metallic surfaces. The Lindblad approach, based on the microscopic Hamiltonian information in the [...]

Discovery of H2CCCH+ in TMC-1 (Corrigendum)

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Authors: Silva, W. G. D. P.; Cernicharo, J.; Schlemmer, S.; Marcelino, N.; Loison, J. -c.; Agundez, M.; Gupta, D.; Wakelam, V.; Thorwirth, S.; Cabezas, C.; Tercero, B.; Domenech, J. L.; Fuentetaja, R.; Kim, W. -j.; de Vicente, P.; Asvany, O. Journal: ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS Publication date: 2023/08/21 DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/202347174e Abstract:

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