Authors: Cheong, Z.; Moreira, G. M.; Bettega, M. H. F.; Blanco, F.; Garcia, G.; Brunger, M. J.; White, R. D.; Sullivan, J. P.

Contribution: Article


Publication date: 2020/12/28

DOI: 10.1063/5.0027874

Abstract: This paper presents a joint experimental and theoretical study of positron scattering from furan. Experimental data were measured using the low energy positron beamline located at the Australian National University and cover an energy range from 1 eV to 30 eV. Cross sections were measured for total scattering, total elastic and inelastic scattering, positronium formation, and differential elastic scattering. Two theoretical approaches are presented: the Schwinger multichannel method and the independent atom method with screening corrected additivity rule. In addition, our data are compared to corresponding electron scattering results from the same target with a number of significant differences observed and discussed.