Authors: Cordero Encinar, Paula; Agusti, Andres; Sabin, Carlos


Publication date: 2021/11/18

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.104.052609

Abstract: We present results on the digital quantum simulations of beam-splitter and squeezing interactions. The bosonic Hamiltonians are mapped to qubits and then digitalized in order to implement them in the IBM quantum devices. We use error mitigation and postselection to achieve high-fidelity digital quantum simulations of single-mode and two-mode interactions, as evinced-where possible-by full tomography of the resulting states. We achieve fidelities above 90% in the case of single-mode squeezing with low squeezing values and ranging from 60% to 90% for large squeezing and in the more complex two-mode interactions.