Authors: Lopes, M. Cristina A.; Pires, Wesley A. D.; Nixon, Kate L.; Amorim, Raony A. A.; da Silva, Daniel G. M.; Fernandes, Anne C. P.; Ghosh, Santunu; Jones, Darryl B.; Campbell, Laurence; Neves, Rafael F. C.; Duque, Humberto V.; Garcia, Gustavo; Blanco, Francisco; Brunger, Michael J.

Contribution: Review


Publication date: 2020/05/05

DOI: 10.1140/epjd/e2020-100481-9

Abstract: We present in this article, a review of our recent experimental and theoretical studies published in the literature on electron impact ionization and fragmentation of the primary alcohols methanol, ethanol, 1-propanol and 1-butanol (C-1-C-4). We discuss the mass spectra (MS) of these alcohols, measured for the electron impact energy of 70 eV and also, total (TICS) and partial (PICS) ionization cross sections in the energy range from 10 to 100 eV, which revealed the probability of forming different cations, by either direct or dissociative ionization. These experimental TICS are summarized together with theoretical values, calculated using the Binary-encounter Bethe (BEB) and the independent atom model with the screening corrected additivity rule (IAM-SCAR) methods. Additionally, we compared data of appearance energies – AE and discussed the application of the extended Wannier theory to PICS in order to produce the ionization and ionic fragmentation thresholds for the electron impact of these alcohols.