Authors: Hita-Perez, Maria; Munoz, Laura; Molina, Rafael A.


Publication date: 2023/12/15

DOI: 10.1088/1751-8121/ad0d1e

Abstract: We derive an expression for the nearest-neighbor spacing distribution P(s) of the energy levels of quantum systems with intermediate dynamics between regularity and chaos and missing levels due to random experimental errors. The expression is based on the Brody distribution, the most widely used for fitting mixed spectra as a function of one parameter. By using Monte Carlo simulations of intermediate spectra based on the beta-Hermite ensemble of random matrix theory (RMT), we evaluate the quality of the formula and its suitability for fitting purposes. Estimations of the Brody parameter and the fraction of missing levels can be obtained by a least-square two-parameter fitting of the experimental P(s). The results should be important to distinguish the origins of deviations from RMT in experimental spectra.