Authors: Casado, A. Agusti; Sabin, C.


Publication date: 2022/02/03

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.105.022401

Abstract: In this work we study the production and swapping of non-Gaussian multipartite entanglement in a setup containing a parametric amplifier which generates three photons in different modes coupled to three qubits. We prove that the entanglement generated in this setup is of non-Gaussian nature. We introduce witnesses of genuine tripartite non-Gaussian entanglement, valid for both mode and qubit entanglement. Moreover, those witnesses show that the entanglement generated among the photons can be swapped to the qubits, and indeed the qubits display non-Gaussian genuine tripartite entanglement over a wider parameter regime, suggesting that our setup could be a useful tool to extract entanglement generated in higher-order parametric amplification for quantum metrology or quantum computing applications.