Authors: Garcia-Abenza, A.; No, J. M.


Publication date: 2022/02/01

DOI: 10.1140/epjc/s10052-022-10089-3

Abstract: High-energy ( )gamma gamma colliders constitute a potential running mode of future lepton colliders such as the ILC and CLIC. We study the sensitivity of a high-energy gamma gamma collider to the Higgs portal scenario to a hidden sector above the invisible Higgs decay threshold. We show that such gamma gamma collisions could allow to probe the existence of dark sectors through the Higgs portal with precision competitive with other planned collider facilities, profiting from the unique combination of sizable cross-section with clean final state and collider environment. In addition, this search could cover the singlet Higgs portal parameter space yielding a first-order electroweak phase transition in the early Universe.